Your certified Sophrology therapy in Berlin & online

When your inner life is defined by anxiety, the rest of your life follows. Sophrology is a system of inner transformation that brings your mind, body and spirit into harmony. Take the time to care about your inner life and watch yourself shine everywhere.



Confidence | Resilience | Mindfulness | Wellbeing Foundation

Discover your inner balance and improve your well-being. Our Sophrology practice in the heart of Berlin offers a unique and holistic approach to stress management, relaxation, and personal growth.


Stress Management | Sleep Quality | Focus and Concentration | Emotional Balance


Phobias and Fears | Anxiety and Depression | Life Transitions | Chronic Pain


Personalized Approach

Each session is tailored to meet your individual needs

Empathetic Guidance

We’ll guide you toward mindfulness, self-confidence, and inner strength

Short-Term Therapy

With an average span of 3 months, it’s an effective solution for your mental health needs

Holistic Method

Awareness about your body, breath, and mental state makes you the leading actor in your own life

TACKLE PERSonal Issues

We’ll help you create mental distance from outer and inner pressures


The journey aims at discovering tools within yourself that can be used independently outside of our sessions

Friendly Atmosphere

We’ll ensure your comfort and openness during every therapy process

In-person or online

You can receive in-person or online therapy

sophrologY THERAPY

Founder: Mariana Rajic

I’m a trained sophrologist from Ecole française Supérieure de Sophrologie in Paris, with an academic degree in Education from Canada and years of professional experience working in Montreal, London, Paris, and Berlin. I have practiced in public and private sectors, completed a Yoga Alliance certified training in Mysore, India, trained to teach yoga and mindfulness to children, and guide yoga and meditation in yoga centres in Portugal, Spain, and Croatia. With 20 years of mentorship experience in various multicultural settings, and as a mother of two boys, who fully understands the complexities life, I dedicate my work towards inspiring busy striving people to live a fulfilled, more balanced, and truthful life.


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